Sermon on the Mount: Jesus Teaches about Fasting

Fasting tunes our hearts and our will to the Almighty.

Nourish Your Soul

In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches about 3 spiritual disciplines. The first 2 are about giving and prayer. The 3rd one is about is fasting and is the most difficult of the three because it has to do with denying the body of its natural cravings. But it is essential in our walk with God because it puts us more in tune to his will. Father, teach us to fast in a way that would please and glorify only you!


Matthew 6:16a – “And when you fast…”

  • As with the spiritual disciplines of giving and prayer, Jesus does not say “if” we fast, but “when” we fast.  He expects and assumes that his disciples will fast. Fasting by definition means to  abstain from food for a certain length of time. Fasting consisted of abstinence from food to express dependence on God and submission to His will (Precept-Austin). It…

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